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Managing your finances

Calculators and tools - ATO

Provides calculators and tools to help you manage your taxation. There are calculators for employers such as a FBT calculator, and for individuals such as calculators for deductions and offsets you can claim.

Australian Taxation Office

Calculators and tools - MoneySmart

Part of the MoneySmart website, this page provides links to calculators and planners to help with managing money, superannuation, investing, borrowing and credit, and retirement. Also includes a link for mobile phone users to access calculators on the go.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Consolidating super funds

How many superannuation statements did you receive this year? Do you find it hard to keep track of your super accounts? Consider combining your small accounts into a single fund.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Debt & debt collection

Provides some hints for dealing with your debts, where to go for help if you have debt problems and your rights if you are approached by a debt collector.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Families - MoneySmart

It's not worth leaving your family's wellbeing to chance. With sensible money management and a few simple strategies, you can give your family the reassurance of financial security. Includes links to teaching your kids about money; and relationships and money.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Financial Survival Guide - I'm worried about my job

MoneySmart guide about what steps to take if you're worried about the security of your job, or cut-backs. Find out what you can do to make sure you can still cope financially.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Indigenous - MoneySmart

Discover financial guidance especially written for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Information includes budgeting and saving, borrowing money, mobile phones, superannuation, scams and warnings, Wills etc.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Investing - MoneySmart

If you have superannuation or shares, you can consider yourself an investor. Whether you are an experienced investor or a beginner, there are plenty of steps you can take to grow your money and keep it safe. This section of the MoneySmart website guides you through the basic principles of investing and how to find a good financial adviser.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Understanding tax - starting out

Before you start work, or soon after, you may need to get a tax file number (TFN). The main tax you'll pay is income tax, which is charged on income you receive, such as salary and wages, investment income and business income.

Australian Taxation Office

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