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Learning and development

Australian Command and Staff College

The Australian Command and Staff College (ACSC) aims to prepare selected career officers for command and staff appointments at the O5 level in single Service, joint and integrated environments. With officers from the Australian Regular and Reserve military, the Australian Public Service, and from over 20 allied and partner countries represented at ACSC, course members are exposed to a sometimes challenging diversity of perspectives and given invaluable opportunity to establish firm professional and personal relationships with the future leaders of Australian, allied and partner forces.

Department of Defence

Building capability: a framework for managing learning and development in the APS

Provides a guide to a better practice model for managing learning and development processes across the APS and also source of audit criteria for future ANAO work.

Australian Public Service Commission

Career Development Assessment Centre (CDAC)

Career Development Assessment Centre (CDAC) assesses future SES leaders from within the APS, providing them the opportunity to evaluate and identify core leadership capabilities through a series of challenging workplace scenarios.

Australian Public Service Commission

Guide to the Integrated Leadership System (ILS) for APS 1-6

Designed to link all aspects of leadership that impact on the APS. The ILS provides a common language to support consistent whole of APS capability development and is designed to ensure the APS has the leadership capabilities and behaviours to meet the challenges of the future. This document expands on the ILS and provides capability descriptions and behaviours for APS 1 to 6 levels.

Australian Public Service Commission

Integrated leadership system

Since 1999 the Senior Executive Leadership Capability (SELC) Framework has become the 'standard' for Senior Executive selection and development within the Australian Public Service (APS). Building on this framework the Integrated Leadership System (ILS) has been developed to provide a common language for leadership development in the APS. The ILS provides capability development guidance for individuals and agencies in the form of descriptions and behaviours for all levels in the APS. It contains practical tools for individuals and agencies to chart leadership development.

Australian Public Service Commission

Leadership programs

This page provides a comprehensive list and detailed information about our leadership programs and SES development programs for APS employees.

Australian Public Service Commission

Learning and development programs (APS Commission )

This page provides information about the Australian Public Service Commission's calendar of events and programmes for learning and development.

Australian Public Service Commission

Nationally recognised qualifications

The Australian Public Service Commission is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and can award APS employees nationally-recognised qualifications and statements of attainment.

Australian Public Service Commission

Networking events and seminars (APS Commission)

The Australian Public Service Commission supports a range of APS networks and seminars related to its functions.

Australian Public Service Commission

Public Sector Innovation Toolkit

The Public Sector Innovation Toolkit has been developed to assist individual public servants, public sector teams and agencies wanting to increase the extent and effectiveness of their innovation efforts. Use the toolkit to learn about the innovation process, assess the strengths of an idea, get tips on putting together a business case, and more.

Department of Industry

Public Sector Management (PSM) Program

The PSM Program is a unique national management program. A joint venture between federal, state and territory governments, the PSM Program is a coordinated strategy to deliver high quality public sector management training.

Australian Public Service Commission

Senior executive leadership capability (SELC) framework

The Senior Executive Leadership Capability Framework seeks to establish a shared understanding of the critical success factors for performance in APS leadership roles. The Framework identifies the five core criteria for high performance by senior executives. Each of the criteria heads a group of inter-related capabilities. The Framework does not describe the functions or responsibilities of particular senior executive roles. In 2001 the SELC Framework was unanimously endorsed by Portfolio Secretaries as relevant and valid for the SES.

Australian Public Service Commission

SES live update

SES live update is an online news facility providing timely public service information to members of the Senior Executive Service in the Australian Public Service (APS).

Australian Public Service Commission

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