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Working temporarily

Workers - visas and immigration information

Provides information on visa options available for skilled workers who want to either work temporarily or migrate to Australia.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Compliance - Working legally in Australia

Provides information and links on immigration compliance programs for Working legally in Australia, Visa holders, Asylum seekers arriving by boat and the Dob-in service.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection


DoctorConnect provides a starting point for both overseas trained doctors (OTDs) who may be considering work in Australia and employers seeking to recruit them.

Department of Health

Harvest trail

Provides job seekers with links to harvest jobs Australia wide. It offers a great way for people to travel around Australia at their own pace while working and earning money.

Department of Employment

International students - know your workplace rights

Like many international students you may get a part-time or casual job to help pay your living expenses while you study in Australia. This information will help you to understand your rights in the workplace. Information is available in several languages.

Fair Work Ombudsman

Resources Sector Jobs Board

Allows people to apply for resource sector jobs, including those covered by Enterprise Migration Agreements (EMAs). The service provides practical assistance for job seekers and employers including workforce and recruitment advice.

Department of Employment

Superannuation - departing Australia

If you are a former temporary resident, you can claim super benefits you accumulated while working in Australia. To claim the Departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP) you must have visited on an eligible temporary resident visa (which has expired or been cancelled), and permanently departed Australia.

Australian Taxation Office

Tax - leaving Australia and lodging your tax return

If you are leaving Australia before the end of the financial year, you may be eligible to lodge your tax return early.

Australian Taxation Office

Tax - migrants or visitors - tax file number application

If you are a temporary visitor or permanent migrant, you can apply for a tax file number (TFN) online. Applications can be made at any time if you are in Australia and you have a visa that allows work rights, a visa that allows permanent migration, or a valid visa to stay in Australia indefinitely.

Australian Taxation Office

Visa Finder

Helps you find the Australian visa most likely to meet your specific circumstances. It includes the most common Australian visas, but does not include every visa.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Working holiday

Provides information for people between 18 and 30 who want to holiday in Australia and supplement their travel funds through incidental employment.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

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