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Green Vehicle Guide

Service Description

The Green Vehicle Guide provides information about the environmental performance of new light vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass) sold in Australia. Choosing a greener vehicle can make a real difference.

The rating is calculated using data provided by manufacturers and comparing it against Australian standards.

The Green Vehicle Guide will help you compare the level of emissions of different vehicles and consequently their impact on the environment. The information includes:

  • Greenhouse Rating (based on CO2 emissions) - to help you compare a vehicle's contribution to the greenhouse effect and climate change.
  • Air Pollution Rating (based primarily on emission standards) - to help you compare a vehicle's contribution to urban air pollution (and associated effects on the environment, human health and amenity).
  • An Overall 'Star' Rating - to help you identify vehicles that emit a lower level of overall emissions. The Greenhouse Rating and Air Pollution Rating are combined to determine this Overall Rating.
  • Fuel Consumption (in L/100km) - to help you identify the most fuel-efficient vehicle for your needs.

When buying a new car use the Green Vehicle Guide to identify the vehicle with the highest ratings which meets your needs.

For fuel consumption comparisons of older vehicles, visit the Fuel Consumption Guide 1986-2003.

What if I need more information?

For further information related to the Green Vehicle Guide, view the Frequently Asked Questions page or submit an enquiry.

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