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Calculators [ACT]

Index page for ACT Revenue Office Calculators for: land and improvement duty; home buyer concession duty; motor vehicle duty; and rates, fire and emergency services levy and land tax.

Chief Minister and Treasury Directorate [ACT]

Land or business transfer calculator [NSW]

Estimate the amount of duty you need to pay on the sale or transfer of land or a business in New South Wales.

Office of State Revenue [NSW]

Land transfer calculators

Buying a property? Provides links to state and territory calculators for stamp duty.

Postage Assessment Calculator

Postal charges vary depending on the item and its destination. Calculate postage costs for letters and parcels sent to local or international destinations.

Australian Postal Corporation

Property transfer duty calculator (Tas)

Provides calculators for determining the duty liability on a transfer of property or mortgage instrument; duties payable on insurance policies or motor vehicle transfer; and other miscellaneous duties.

State Revenue Office Tasmania

Rate estimator

The online estimators let you estimate or compare payments you may be able to receive, based on your current or proposed circumstances.Choose an estimator to calculate your entitlements e.g Child Care Rebate, Child Care Benefit and Paid Parental Leave. Estimator uses the most current rates to give you an indication of your payments.

Department of Human Services

Stamp duty calculator [WA]

Once you've calculated your estimated monthly finance options, why not use the stamp duty calculator to give you a good indication of the types of fees which will be required upon purchase of a property in Western Australia?

Office of State Revenue [WA]

Stamp duty calculators [NT]

The Northern Territory Government stamp duty calculators are designed to give an indication of stamp duty payable on the conveyance of real estate and business property, and the issue and transfer of motor vehicle certificates of registration.

Department of Treasury and Finance [NT]

Stamp duty, Emergency Services levy and Land Tax calculators [SA]

Provides links to calculators to assist you in determining the stamp duty/land tax/levy payable on particular transactions such as property transfers, share transfers and motor vehicles in South Australia.


Titles registry fee calculator [Qld]

Use the online tool to calculate fees for the lodgement of common land registry forms in Queensland, including land transfers and release of mortgages.

Department of Natural Resources and Mines [Qld]

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