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Land titles search

Land title searches and records [NSW]

Land and Property online shop provides information about title search and records, land values, deeds and specialised searches in NSW. Some services require payment.

Department of Finance and Services [NSW]

Land titles (Tas)

The Land Titles Office in Tasmania administers the system of land titles; registers changes in interests in land; holds survey records; and provides accurate and easily accessible records.

Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment [Tas]

Land titles and records [WA]

Access the official register of land ownership and survey information for Western Australia by subscribing to Landgate online services.

Western Australian Land Information Authority

Land Titles Office [NT]

The Land Titles Office is responsible for keeping a register which contains title to all land under the Land Title Act. Registered dealings are open to public search and include mortgages, transfers, leases, discharge of mortgages and applications to replace lost certificates as to title. A fee for these services applies.

Department of the Attorney-General and Justice [NT]

Land titles search (SA)

Access information about a South Australian property, including ownership; constraints such as easements, heritage etc; sales details; site and capital values; property details; copies of survey plans and Certificates of Title. To search this information, you will need a title reference number or the address details.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure [SA]

Land titles search [Qld]

You can obtain a title search, copy of a registered document or plan relating to a block of land, or a title search or registered document relating to a water allocation in Queensland. Fees apply.

Department of Natural Resources and Mines [Qld]

Land titles [ACT]

Registration of all land related transactions pertaining to the purchase and sale of land and properties in the A.C.T. and maintenance of the Land Titles Register. Searches of the of the A.C.T. Land Titles Public Register are available for a determined fee.

Office of Regulatory Services [ACT]

Property, titles and maps [Vic]

The Property, Titles and Maps web pages of the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) provide information about land titles, property data, valuations, land surveying and naming places in Victoria.

Department of Sustainability and Environment [Vic]

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