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Travel advisory and consular assistance service. Provides travel advice for countries and events, guidance about travel insurance and staying safe and healthy, and getting help overseas.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Product Safety Australia

For everyone who buys and uses consumer products and for businesses that make, import and sell them. Provides information about mandatory safety standards, bans, safety warning notices, recalls and safe practices to minimise the risk of injuries. Sign up for email alerts on any of the site topics.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Product Safety Recalls Australia

If a product or service presents a safety risk or is non-compliant with a mandatory standard or ban, it may need to be taken off the market or ‘recalled’. View all Australian safety recalls and sign up for email notifications of new product recalls.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Travel advisories – Smartraveller

Subscribe to Smartraveller travel advisories for the destinations you intend to visit and receive alerts, via email, each time the travel advice for one of your destinations is updated.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

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