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State services

The service directory includes the most popular services and information from state and territory government. is changing the way we link to common services across a number of states. Instead of individual link records for each state, we are creating a single record that links to all states via a clickable map or a list of state links, for example Births, deaths and marriages registries.

While we are making these changes, the new records can be found in the right hand sidebar under Categories and More information.

Popular services include:
  • vehicle registration
  • register a business name
  • apply for, or renew a driver's licence
  • apply for a proof of age card
  • apply for a Seniors Card
  • change my residential address with government

Popular information is also included on:
  • government jobs
  • public transport
  • road rules, standards and regulations
  • traffic infringements
  • employment conditions and entitlements
  • legislation
  • concessions
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