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Defence industry

Defence + Industry ePortal

The Defence + Industry ePortal provides comprehensive and authoritative company supplied information on Australian industry capability for Defence and other potential customers. The ePortal is designed to provide industry with a tool to access a wide and comprehensive range of Defence information together with opportunities for companies, including SMEs, to participate in Defence acquisition and sustainment programs.

Department of Defence

Defence + Industry Conference

The Defence and Industry Conference is an annual event involving the Australian Government Department of Defence and Defence related industry. The website will assist with registration and provide all necessary information to interested stakeholders.

Department of Defence

Defence and Industry Study Course

Provides insight into Defence Force acquisition and sustainment strategies that could give your business an edge. The course outlines how Defence identifies its needs and how it goes about acquiring its equipment.

Department of Defence

Defence and Strategic Goods List Amendment 2010

The export of goods and technologies designed or adapted for use by armed forces, or that can be used in the production of defence related goods and services is subject to control under the Customs (Prohibited Export) Regulations, Regulation 13E. All items subject to control are listed in the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL)

Attorney-General's Department

Defence Export Control Office (DECO)

DECO is responsible for administering controls on the export of defence and dual-use goods, and the granting of authorisations to export, in the form of permits and licenses. Items subject to control are listed within the Defence and Strategic Goods List (DSGL). The dual-use categories include Chemicals, Toxins, Materials Processing, Electronics, Computers, Telecommunications and Information Security, Sensors and Lasers, Navigation and Avionics, Marine and Aerospace and Propulsion sectors.

Department of Defence

Defence Materiel Organisation

DMO buys and maintains equipment and supplies to sustain the Australian Defence Force.

Defence Materiel Organisation


iPad and Android - Keep up with the latest developments about Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).

Department of Defence

DSTO Scientific Publications Online Repository

Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) online publications consists of two collections: Scientific and technical reports that have been approved for public release. Plus records of papers and presentations published by DSTO staff, sometimes in collaboration with scientists outside of DSTO.

Department of Defence

Industry and contracts

Provides information useful for industry, business and those contracting with the Department of Defence.

Department of Defence

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