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Qualifications and skills recognition

Assessment for migration

AITSL is the designated assessing authority for skilled occupations in teaching under the Skilled Migration Program: early childhood (pre-primary school) teachers, primary and secondary school teachers and special education and needs teachers.

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

Assessment of overseas qualifications

AEI-NOOSR assessments are a guide to the educational level of an overseas qualification in terms of a qualification on the Australian Qualifications Framework. They are for general purposes only and do not qualify you for study, migration or entry to a particular occupation or profession.

Department of Education

Assessment subsidy for overseas-trained professionals

The Assessment Subsidy for Overseas Trained Professionals program (ASDOT) assists financially disadvantaged, overseas trained professionals. It provides financial support to cover the cost of assessments and/or examinations which must be passed to qualify for employment in certain professions in Australia.

Department of Industry

Licence Recognition

Mutual recognition for occupational licences in Australia. Makes it easier for licensed tradespeople, and authorities that issue licences, to know what licence a worker is entitled to when applying for a licence in another jurisdiction. The site allows you to look up a licence entitlement in another state or territory, based on your currently-held licence. The site also has information on who to contact to apply for a licence.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Overseas qualifications units

The Units or their equivalents have been established in most Australian states and territories to assist migrants to obtain recognition of their overseas-gained skills and qualifications. They provide statements of educational comparison, information on occupational assessments and information on further training

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Skills recognition (NSW)

Provides information about the benefits of recognising skills and prior learning. The site contains a self-evaluation tool which helps you consider your skills, match them to possible qualifications and find a registered training organisation to assess you.

Department of Education and Communities [NSW]

Skills Recognition Information Service

The Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI) site helps you to get an assessment of occupational qualifications, skills or experience that you have gained overseas. ASRI can also assist with finding state-specific licensing and registration requirements to practice your occupation in Australia.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection

Trades Recognition Australia

Trades Recognition Australia is a skills assessment service which specialises in assessments in trade occupations for the purpose of migration.

Department of Industry

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