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Environment friendly products

E3 - Equipment Energy Efficiency

The Energy Rating label enables consumers to compare the energy efficiency of domestic appliances on a fair and equitable basis. It also provides incentive for manufacturers to improve the energy performance of appliances. Provides a guide to choosing energy efficient appliances and products in all sectors (residential, commercial and industrial).

Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

Energy rating - compare appliances

Compare details including energy efficiency and star ratings for a range of electrical appliances that carry an energy label. Lists residential, commercial and industrial products which have been registered for minimum energy performance standards (MEPS).

Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

Fuel consumption guide 1986-2003

Compare the fuel consumption of different vehicles sold in Australia between 1986 and 2003. The Fuel Consumption Guide database includes passenger cars and four-wheel drives, and light commercial vehicles up to 2.7 tonnes gross vehicle mass.

Department of the Environment

Green Vehicle Guide

The Green Vehicle Guide allows you to see the environmental ratings of new and old vehicles sold in Australia. You can use the guide to see how vehicles compare on greenhouse and air pollution emissions and fuel consumption.

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development


GreenPower is the only voluntary government accredited program that enables your energy provider to purchase renewable energy on your behalf. A joint initiative of state governments, GreenPower guarantees that the renewable electricity you buy meets stringent environmental standards.Making the switch is easy. Use this site to find more.

National GreenPower Accreditation Program

Truck Buyers Guide

The Truck Buyers Guide can help business owners who require a small-medium sized truck, but do not have a detailed knowledge of truck specifications and performance. It provides a step by step guide to help you make a well informed choice that suits your business needs while minimising fuel consumption.

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Water efficiency labelling

Compare the water efficiency rating of new household products, including washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, urinals, taps and showers before you buy.

Department of the Environment

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme

The Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme aims to improve water efficiency by assisting people to purchase, and encouraging industry to manufacture, more water efficient products.

Department of the Environment

Your Home - Design for lifestyle and the future

Your Home is a suite of consumer and technical guide materials and tools developed to encourage the design, construction or renovation of homes to be comfortable, healthy, less expensive to run while more environmentally friendly.

Department of the Environment

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