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Family Relationship Advice Line

The Family Relationship Advice Line 1800 050 321 is a national telephone service established to assist families affected by relationship or separation issues.

Department of Social Services

Family Relationship Centres

The Family Relationship Centres provide a source of information and confidential advice for families at all stages in their life. Whether you are starting a relationship, wanting to make your relationship stronger, or having relationship difficulties, the Centres can help.

Attorney-General's Department

Family Relationships Online

Family Relationships Online provides all families (whether together or separated) with information and advice about family relationship issues. It also allows families to find out about a range of services that can assist them to manage relationship issues, including agreeing on appropriate arrangements for children after parents separate.

Attorney-General's Department

Mensline Australia

Supports men who are dealing with family and relationship difficulties, particularly surrounding family break-down or separation.

Department of Social Services

Passports - change of Name

Passports are issued in your birth or citizenship name unless you have formally registered another name with an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (RBDM). If you wish to change the name that appears in your passport, you must provide originals of documents that explain all name changes you have had since birth or obtaining Australian citizenship.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Relationships & money

Are you moving in with someone, opening a joint account, or starting a joint loan or investment? It pays to go into love and money matters with your eyes open.

Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Relationships (NSW)

Provides relationships information relating to getting married, separation and divorce, de facto relationships, familiy advice line, gay and lesbian counselling service and domestic violence.

NSW Government

Separated families support material

Offers several publications to support families going through separation.

Department of Human Services

The Line

What exactly is The Line? And what happens when you cross it? Some things are never acceptable, like violence, rape and abuse. But in other areas, the line can be blurry. Where do you draw the line? At the end of the day, it's a personal thing. Here, you'll find a heap of stuff that will help you decide.

Department of Social Services

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