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Canberra, the national capital

Canberra - Australia's capital city

An article about the history of the Canberra region and the establishment of the city of Canberra. Includes information about the international competition for the design of Canberra which was won by Walter Burley Griffin. Links to relevant online resources are provided.

Canberra Guide

iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android and other apps - Visitors can now plan their trip to the Nation's Capital and search for events, attractions and public facilities in the territory.

National Capital Authority

Discovering Mildenhall's Canberra

Provides online access to a photographic collection comprised of more than 7,700 images on glass plate negatives. The Mildenhall Collection documents most aspects of the foundation era – the1920s to the 1930s – in Canberra's history. Both as historical documents and as works of art, the Mildenhall photographs are of great significance to Australia.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

In Work and In Play: Building the Canberra Community

Celebrating the role the Australian Public Service (APS) has played in shaping Canberra over the past 100 years. The project explores four themes relating to life in the APS and Canberra: community, at home, workplace and defining moments.

National Capital Authority

Museum of Australian Democracy: Collection

The significance of Old Parliament House today lies in its historical and social value to the Australian people. Every part of this building tells a story. Explore the building, its objects and its stories.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

National Capital Authority (NCA)

As the Australian Government agency responsible for looking after the National Capital aspects of Canberra, the National Capital Authority administers and reviews the National Capital Plan, recommends and carries out works that maintain or enhance the character of the National Capital and is responsible for fostering an awareness of the National Capital.

National Capital Authority

Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House opened in 1927 and served as the home of Federal Parliament until 1988. Over time, this impressive building became synonymous with some of the country's most important moments.

Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

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