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Australian Election Portal

The Australian Election Portal links to the electoral enrolment form and the electoral authorities of the Commonwealth, States and Territories.

Electoral Council of Australia

Electoral reform

The Australian Government has released two green papers on electoral reform: Electoral Reform Green Paper – Donations, Funding and Expenditure, and Electoral Reform Green Paper – Strengthening Australia's Democracy. This page provides links to both green papers as well as links to advice on how to make submissions and participate in the online discussion forum.

Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

About the Commonwealth electoral roll

Provides information on the electoral roll including where you can view the e-roll, use of e-roll by political parties and candidates and supply of elector information.

Australian Electoral Commission

Annual Returns Locator Service

The financial disclosure scheme seeks to ensure that the public is aware of major sources of party and candidate funding. Annual returns are lodged by political parties, associated entities and donors to political parties (or for their benefit) and third parties incurring political expenditure.

Australian Electoral Commission

Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) is responsible for providing the Australian people with an independent electoral service which meets their needs and encourages them to understand and participate in the electoral process.

Australian Electoral Commission

Contact your local member

You can search for your local member by name, postcode or electorate, Members homepages provide parliamentary and electorate address and contact details.
You can also browse all current members by electorate, party, gender, surname or state.

Parliament of Australia

Election Commitment Costing

The Treasury and the Department of Finance may be requested to cost Government and Opposition election commitments during the caretaker period. Election costings contain Government and Opposition election commitment requests, a press release relating to the costing request and a response to the costing request when it has been finalised.

Department of Finance

Election Returns Locator Service

The financial disclosure scheme seeks to ensure that the public is aware of major sources of party and candidate funding. The election returns database contains copies of substantive election returns lodged with the AEC. Facilities are available to search for returns by election year, party or by state.

Australian Electoral Commission

Electoral divisions - profiles and maps

The Australian Electoral Commission site provides an index of downloads and maps for federal electoral boundary information, 2004 Divisional Maps and the redistribution of electoral boundaries.

Australian Electoral Commission

Electoral enrolment

You can enrol to vote for the first time or get back on the roll if you: are an Australian citizen or a British subject who was enrolled on 25 January 1984, and are 18 years or older, and have lived at your current address for at least one month. You can enrol if you are 16 or 17 but you cannot vote until you turn 18.

Australian Electoral Commission

Federal electorate and local member search

You can use this search to work out which electorate you live in, see who your local Member is and find your nearest polling place on Election Day.

Australian Electoral Commission

Frequently asked questions about electoral enrolment

Australian Electoral Commission answers to questions about enrolment obligations, voting in federal elections, how elections are conducted, electors obligations, changing the electoral boundaries, etc.

Australian Electoral Commission

Overseas electors

Overseas or going overseas? Australian Electoral Commission page providing comprehensive information and forms for overseas voters.

Australian Electoral Commission

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